Monday, 30 July 2012

Open University MST121 Done!

I got the results of this module today - an overall average of 87%.  This inst what I was hoping for but I guess homelife, work and work related study got in the way!

Passing this gives me a Certificate in Mathematics (C46) which is nice, but I was really aiming for a BSc in Mathematics. I'll probably have to put that on hold indefinitely due to the recently introduced deadlines and price hikes. I would now need to complete my degree by 2017 (to be replaced by an equivalent degree) but as I was only doing 1 module a semester this is not really achievable.

After this date the fees switch to £1250 per module (so £5000 per year) and this is more than I'm willing to spend on something I was doing primarily for fun.

I understand that the funding has to come from somewhere after government funds were cut - I just wish they'd done it after 2017!

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